How to prioritize your collections activities with scorecards



Grab your favorite break time beverage and join us as we sip and solve your business challenges.

The rate of market growth is beginning to slow and discussions around an economic downturn is starting to pick up. This means, now is the time to reassess your account management and collection strategies to prepare for what may come.

In this 15-minute session, get an overview of how you can stabilize and enhance your bottom line with a collection score, all while protecting the customer relationships you fought to build. 


Brodie Oldham
Sr. Director of Analytics Consulting

Brodie Oldham leads a team of statistical consultants while remaining an active strategic statistical consultant for Commercial Data Sciences within Experian. He has 18+ years of experience in disciplines including: analytics; database development; prospecting. In his current role, Brodie provides the marketing and sales organizations with customized analytic support. Prior to joining Experian, he worked at Citi Cards and Citi Mortgage as the Consumer Credit Risk Analytical Consultant.